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“Be careful what you wish for when we’re at hand!”

We don’t know the place where the art starts. We don’t know where it ends either. We are, however, deeply convinced, that what is created by the artist has the incalculable dimension impossible to measure which means it requires feeling rather than understanding. As a foundation supporting the artists, we know, that the moment in which you start perceiving the connection to the creator is the one which may be the spark of what’s coming next.

The aim of the foundation is the acquisition of the works of promising – in our opinion – artists. Later, through the promotional activities, we reach the people interested in purchasing these pieces. We believe that via our acts we are able to raise the value of the actual, therefore, the future works of the artist.
Our driving force are exhibitions, auctions, conventions, plein-airs and other social reunions organised by us. Maybe, we’ll meet up in one of these events! See you!


  1. We demand intervention buying of the paintings!
  2. Artists should be supported so they could focus on creating.
  3. Every promising artist, who asks for help, should be supported.
  4. The financial security of the artist should be the priority.


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