Szymon Kurpiewski

About me

Born in 1984 in Konin. Graduate of Landscape Architecture of Poznan University of Life Sciences. Currently, I live and work in Poznań. I’m a painter, ilustrator, graphic designer, draughtsman, artist and architect. My painting was presented in Art Pride: Gay Art from Poland. The laureate of People of 501® – competition organised by STREETMAG and Levi’s®. My, diverse in terms of techniques, works represent the fascination with human – their nature, animality, physicality and psyche. They are characterised by great symbolism of presented contents. Deformation of the corporal figuration of the reality comes from the subjective and emotional perception of the surroundings and relation connecting its particular elements. Hallucinogenic, kaleidoscopic, often very unrealistic visions leave a lot to interpretation. My works show the analytical aspect of the object, even on the cellular level of mutual interaction and connections.