Be careful what
you wish for when
we’re at hand!






Be careful what
you wish for when
we’re at hand! / foundation

We don’t know the place where the art starts. We don’t know where it ends either. We are, however, deeply convinced, that what is created by the artist has the incalculable dimension impossible to measure which means it requires feeling rather than understanding. As a foundation supporting the artists, we know, that the moment in which you start perceiving the connection to the creator is the one which may be the spark of what’s coming next.

The aim of the foundation is the acquisition of the works of promising – in our opinion – artists. Later, through the promotional activities, we reach the people interested in purchasing these pieces. We believe that via our acts we are able to raise the value of the actual, therefore, the future works of the artist.

Our driving force are exhibitions, auctions, conventions, plein-airs and other social reunions organised by us. Maybe, we’ll meet up in one of these events! See you!


„Art is nature seen through temperament.“

Émile Zola​

Bearing in mind the diversity, richness and complexity of the characters, we created this place in such a way that each one of the artists would have their undisrupted space.

That’s why the place to exhibit works of every single artist of is different. It’s exceptional for each one of them. Because they are exceptional. Get to know their works. Get to know the artists of

Increase in the value of the sale
of artworks in Poland in
comparison to 2020 *
133mln $
The value of artwork sales in 2021 *
That’s what from this amount was
handed to the artists

*Data from GUS (Statictics Poland)



for the artists

Looking for a spot in the artistic world, you, as an artist, are also searching for the way of living, in which the art you’re creating will be your source of income. There’s nothing worse than the necessity of other paid employment, as it takes the time for the most important thing – the art and its creation. That’s why, step by step, we’d like to tell you what you can do. What we can do together.



send a form – you can directly attach your works, ask anything, share your concerns, you can… just write.



call at +48 573 131 005 – if writing isn’t your strength and you prefer to chat – don’t be afraid.



come for a coffee. Our address is: Al. 1 Maja 10, Konin, Poland – it’s better to set an appointment in advance, but even so, we’d like to kindly invite you.


in .art

The investment in art – Cavearting – has been always a step taken by the people who had gotten to know their expectations from life and its most important values. Not everything is about possession. The real relevance is of what is behind this possession. Intentions. History. Objectives. Reasons and results.
A lot may happen. A lot may change.
Cavearting is not only the purchase of paintings, sculptures or other pieces… It’s the change of the course of history, the change of somebody’s life. Mostly for the better.


maj, 2024




How are we going? What’s new? Look inside the cave... „In between”

Between the din of the street and the blossom scent of our garden. Between what is remembered by the history and the present. Between one cultural spot and another. Between the art and the art; sometimes soft, and at other times the tough one. The meeting point, the event venue. Just as a cave, in which the art finds its spot in every, even the most unavailable corner. Come in, discover what’s to find. Admire. Talk. Meet up. After all, that’s why we’ve created this location. Between yesterday and tomorrow. Between the feeling and mind. Between every dimension of art filling all the gaps of the artistic space.


You have questions or doubts? Contact us! contact.